The Mecca of BIR Curry Recipes

Over the years I have grown more an more fond of making my own curries. I started by following celebrity chefs on TV and watching what they did, how they cooked the curry and followed all the steps , and yet I was never able to re create the same taste that you would get from a good Indian Restaurant. I have looked long and hard in my search of getting my hands on the right curry recipe. I’ve joined a few forums and it seemed there were so many different opinions that I really didn’t have any confidence in what they were saying.

However it wasn’t all a waste of time, as I learned what I should be searching for. It is BIR Curry Recipes as this term is for British Indian Restaurant. Through my searching I happened to stumble upon a guy who was advertising his ebook ‘The secret to that takeaway curry taste’. It intrigued me as this guy had put quite a  few how to cook curry videos on you tube, and had actually spoken about what the BIR Curry Recipe secrets were. Before I was ready to buy the ebook which could end up like every other recipe book, in the bin. I decided to follow one of his recipes that he’d posted on You Tube. I decided to go with the lamb karahi recipe . Video I followed below

A Revelation! I followed the recipe by firstly making the base gravy, which is the secret to every curry. As this was cooking I could tell before it was ready that I had stumbled upon the holy grail, by the smell, because my whole house now smelt with the beautiful odour of an Indian Takeaway. I know what your thinking, but after years of searching I’d found what I was looking for.

To cut a long story short, after learning how to make a lamb karahi Curry the same as is in the takeaway, I decided to buy the book. I wasn’t disappointed as it was filled with all the nations favourite Indian curry recipes. Now i regularly cook for friends and family and they are never left wanting.